6 Reasons Why Logos Are Pricey

Rene Flores

“How much do you charge for a logo?” That is the question most frequently asked of graphic designers. The way the question is asked may have to do with how our American fast food culture works. People want to get things done swiftly and want to know the total cost upfront. But in the graphic design/art world, this question does not have an immediate answer because every client has different needs. The graphic designer will ask questions to figure out the client’s needs and estimated cost. The cost of a logo can vary for a small business and a large corporation. It can be as low as $500 to $1,000,000. Talking about making it rain and do a little dance! I know that sounds crazy but it’s about what the clients needs and the designer’s ability meet them. There are a lot of variables involved when graphic designers work their magic and some have specific abilities that others cannot duplicate. It may also depend on whether other parties are involved in the design process from the client’s end.

Now, I’m sure there is a good percentage of people who may not fully understand how important a well designed logo is and its value to their business brand. It may be incredibly easy to just find a student, relative, or cheap joe schmo to design a logo for less than $50. But is your business image really worth $50 when you provide top notch service? It’s important that your company makes a great first impression in the market. If you don’t invest in your business, it’ll be much more difficult to get a second chance to outweigh your competition.

So what’s the deal here? Basically, the graphic designer would draw up a customized quote for each client. Then you have to decide if the cost fits your budget.

Ok, so what exactly makes logos pricey? Here are 6 things:

1. The logo is the face of your corporate image

It is the first impression your company makes. It represents a company and help it in differentiating from other companies. Therefore, graphic designers take it seriously. We basically have to imagine what you envisioned, or if you’re clueless, we must create something out of fairy dust within our creative brains. Trust me, this stuff is difficult.

2. It must be original

Your logo must set you apart from the competition. Something that is easy to remember and captures your audience’s attention. Here’s a logo example from Squarespace.

3. It should look professional

The logo should reflect the time and thought that went into designing it. This takes a great deal of time… and coffee.

4. Must be scalablel

This means that the logo is simple and clear, even when is scaled down to a small size. If the logo is too complicated, it won’t scale properly and will look cluttered. Think about using that logo on several mediums such as letterheads, business cards, etc. The size of the logo will matter because it must be legible in the appropriate medium.

5. It needs longevity

This means the logo will endure for decades. In this day and age it might be more conducive to design a logo that can potentially be redesigned later on. Nowadays times and styles change so much in just a few years. Most logos endure for many years until someone revamps or rebrands their logo.

6. The Production Costs

Designers need to pay for the tools that help create logos. Desingers are business owners and often pay for insurance for thier laptop, Adobe creative Cloud subscriptions, travel expenses, cloud services, overhead and the list goes on. This also include the design process which I explained in detail at another article.

There you have it! Ready to Invest?

I hope this helps. If you’re serious about your business, hiring a professional graphic designer is the best decision you can make for your company. If you have any questions or looking for a web designer, feel free to contact me. Until next time friends!

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